Thursday, 9 June 2011

So 21 months

Strange subversive scribbles have begun appearing on the walls in our home.

The daubs are usually below eye level and unpredictable in both whereabouts and content.

We have nicknamed the artist 'Panksy,' as in the same manner as guerrilla artist Banksy, the scribbles appear seemingly overnight and the originator seems frustrated by society's boundaries, thus refusing to be confined to traditional canvasses, such as scrap paper and colouring books. 

The blunt, rudimentary instruments used, such as crayons and car keys, also suggest that the artist has difficulty using language, perhaps only communicating in words of one syllable.  Like 'shoes' and 'owls.'

As yet we have been unable to catch 'Panksy' in the act of self-expression but when that day comes, the artist's tools will be confiscated and visiting rights to the chocolate animal drawer will be withdrawn.

Creativity is good. In the right place.

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