Friday, 18 November 2011

Take two dates, some boggly eyes, half a bottle of pinot grigio and what do you get?

Only the best stop motion 'Save the Date' wedding film that's ever been made!

Living with a filmmaker can take you to some strange and wonderful places but none more strange than this week, when I helped create a unique 'Save the Date' wedding film.

The new shiznit in the world of weddings - and definitely trumping those flimsy fridge magnets - is for couples to create their own 'Save the Date' wedding film to send to family and friends.  

Already huge in America - only they do it in a much more cheesey mcpeasy way -  these little emailable beauties are catching on in the UK. 

To show visitors to Matt and Pete's wedding film website what a Save the Date film looks like, we created a homesspun version using, amongst other things, our pug, some birds (twitter variety) and two woolly dinosaurs.  

You can sneak a peek here...

Alex and Sarah's 'Save The Date' Film from Blind Crow Pictures on Vimeo.

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