Me, Myself and Why

"Words are my wild horses that I round up to do my bidding. Yes I can make them canter but most of all I like to make them gallop along windswept shorelines to eighties power ballads."

Jeebers on a bike, anyone who is anyone, especially a professional copywriter, has to have a website and a blog these days. It’s just the done thing.  So here I am, doing my thing.  Just don’t expect make-up tips or cross-stitch cats. This is strictly business.

I am write for a range of print and online publications.

I write everything from magazine features and press releases (which have gained coverage in national newspapers, don't you know), to SEO website content for international businesses and industrious one-man-bands.  

My writing appears in regional magazines and newspapers, as well as national titles including, the Daily Mail and You & Your Wedding magazine. 

Having cut my teeth as editor of a large in-house magazine for  a household name company - turning its reputation from zero to hero in one issue - I now write newsletters for businesses across the country. 

Blogging is also a big part of my work. Alongside writing my own award-winning blog, I write blogs for lots of well known companies, helping them generate leads and improve their Google page ranking.

In a nut shell, I give-good-word.

If you're looking for an experienced freelance writer to put some clout into your copy, please drop me a line